Sunday, December 16, 2012


Girls are so confusing. can maybe a girl help me figure this one out?

Theres this girl i really like we are both around the age of 17. well when we first starting hanging out she would text me every hour of everyday. Then we started to hang out a lot and she doesn't text me nearly as much I'm lucky to get a text from her a day i have to text her first now.
i have thought about it and at first i thought maybe she doesn't like me as much as she use to or she is interested in another guy or something. but when i thought about it more when we hang out she gets more teasing and flirts a lot more. I'm getting the vibe she likes me when we are in person but not so much over the phone.
i guess the question is why would she go from texting me all the time to barely texting? while all at the same time she acts like she likes me more then a friend when we are together?
hahahaha wow this is so classic immature high school.



  1. The capital of France, on the Seine River; pop. 2,175,000.
  2. A Trojan prince, the son of Priam and Hecuba.
         This is the Defintion of paris. when you normally think of Paris thats probably what you think of. For all I know paris is just an image that someone made up. Ive never seen it before, so how do i really know its there? Made someone used photoshop to get create what it looks like on google earth. Some day I will go and findout for myself.
        This year I have learned a lot in this class. I never really wrote in my journal before, but now that I have i realized that its the best way for me to vent what Im thinking about and cant say..

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Physically and Mentally drained.

  For the pasted couple of days I have been fighting a sore throat and stuffed nose. Not like the simple stuff that barley effects you, but hits hard. As I am writing, I can barley keep my eyes open, my thinking is clouded, I cant breath through my nose, I keep coughing. Being sick completely drains you of all the will to do things. I wonder how long Ill be sick for...? It knowing that tomorrow your going to be getting even worse or you ll be slowly getting better. I have to say though, the thing I'm extremely thankful for is yeah I have a cough, but its not painful to swallow...(Knock on wood...)
   I know being sick is just a humbling thing to help you appreciate being well. I am thankful to be able to be humbled, but Ill sure be happy when this sickness goes away. Think how crazy it would be if people never got sick... I wonder what would happen to the world?? I know its this way for a reason, but it would be interesting to see what would happen... Well I'm looking forward to go to bed... Goodbye now..

Farmers Daughter

"Farmer's Daughter"
by Rodney Atkins

Well I heard he needed some help on the farm
Somebody with a truck and two strong arms
Not scared of dirt and willin' to work
till the sun goes down
So I pulled up and said I'm your man
I could start right now and we shook hands
He said the fence needs fixin',
the peaches need pickin'
And the cows need bringin round

I was haulin hay, I was feedin the hogs
and that summer sun had me sweatin like a dog
So I cooled off in the creek
then it was back to work in the daggum heat
I was cussin' out loud, thinkin bout quitin'
Lookin' back now I'm sure glad I didn't
Cuz just when I thought it couldn't get no hotter
I caught glimpse of the farmer's daughter

She was just gettin' home from Panama city
she was all tanned up and my kinda pretty
When her eyes met mine
I was thinkin that I would sure love my job
as the days got shorter our talks got longer
the kisses got sweeter and the feelings got stronger
so we'd hop in the truck and get all tagled up
every chance we got
we were down by the river all night long
when the sun came up I was sneakin' her home
and draggin my butt to work
with the smell of her perfume on my shirt
I'd be on the tractor she'd be on my mind
with that sun beatin' down on this back of mine
Just when I thought it couldnt get no hotter
I fell in love with the farmer's daughter
we got married last spring
Woah and there ain't no better life for me

I'm still haulin' hay and feedin' the hogs
and that summer sun has me sweatin' like a dog
so I cool off in the creek
and she brings me outta glass of sweet ice tea
I'm on the tractor and shes on my mind
and I can't wait till its quitin' time
and just when I think it can't get no hotter
I come home to the farmer's daughter
Yeah the farmer's daughter
    The reason why I like this song/poem so much? I like this song because life seems so simple in it. It just makes you hope that there is everything good in the world and no bad. I know that there are terrible things going on in the world, I know that for fact. I just love listening to songs that say, "Life is good, and things happen to good people." I guess I just yearn for the time where my life is a country song.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

pics i find on my computer...

sad boots...

blue bike
 Its a baby!!


1- Hello?
2- Hey
1- Hey
2- Hows it going?
2- Well thats good..... so anyway do you want to hang out later tonight??
1-?? sure (laughishly)

Monday, November 19, 2012